André Rieu & Gheorghe Zamfir – The Lonely Shepherd

Gheorghe Zamfir was my father’s favorite and he had a few of his albums. André Rieu on the other hand was my mom’s. The combination of the two, is breathtakingly beautiful.

This piece is exquisite. As you can see in the video, the people are so drawn into the music that they started crying. The music is so filled with emotions that you can’t help yourself to respond. It lifts you up on a cloud and then put you down gently, wishing for more.

I found myself wondering why the title of ” The Lonely Shepard” for such a beautiful piece? I could not help but to ask myself, is this what Jesus felt, as He is the Shepherd that comes to mind.

My mind quickly took me to the Garden of Gethsemane, where I stood on more than one occasion. My imagination pictured the scene of Him on His knees praying, pleading and this music playing in the background. I’m sure in reality it was nothing like my picture.

Then my mind drifted off to the mountain where He gave food to a multitude of people. Afterwards He went up the mountain to pray. Often in scripture I read that He did this. And again, my imagination wants this music playing in the background…

When I listened to this music, I felt so much emotion. Off course I missed my Dad. I felt longing, soothing, sadness, loneliness but also peace. I had the desire to go and sit in front of a canvas and start painting. I could picture the strokes of paint filling the canvas in harmony with the music. I felt my body relaxing after a few days of difficulty.

Then I wondered what He felt in those “lonely” moments. Although He was alone, I doubt that He felt Lonely. Or did He?Then again, He was not alone. His Father was there with Him, in the moment. It reminded me that I’m not alone either, my Father is here, now, with me in the moment.

I was reminded that in those moments when He was away from others, He was in conversation with His Dad. He was processing past events and possibly getting instructions for future events. Just think about this for a moment- after the miracle of the fishes and bread, He was spending time in prayer, while His disciples continued with life, getting into a boat on the Sea of Galilee. This resulted in two different reactions to the storm that followed shortly after.

The difference between the two scenarios was that He walked on the water, untouched by the storm. His disciples on the other hand, became very fearful and almost overwhelmed by the storm.

Off course by now, it’s obvious that on a day like this, me too, have a choice to make. Will I be able to walk on the water in the middle of my storm, or will I become fearful and overwhelmed? I guess it depends on me spending time with my heavenly Dad…